Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up

I've been making lots of projects lately, but I keep forgetting to post about them. I also have a ton of half written blogs that I need to finish up. Well, this is a sneak peak at all of the things I have done since this summer.

I'm still working on learning how this blog works via my phone because all of my pics end up at the bottom. Hopefully you can follow along.

There is the painting I did for my parents bathroom. I have one in my home and my dad really liked it so I made one to match their shower curtain. It is oil on canvas with hand made stencils for the lettering. I love the 'live, laugh, love' saying.

The brown and green coasters are ones I made for our home. I just love them! Plus they also dub as a wipe of there are no towels/paper towels/ wipes/ kleenex/ etc... They are machine washable and are fun to use as frisbees:)

The necklace is one that I found on pinterest but the website is no longer working or I would give credit. I used some random beads and brown jewelry twine and tada, a cute necklace.

The colts stuff is a drawstring bag and two sets of coasters. I made these for my dads work picnic as a giveaway. I also gave one of the sets to my big brother. I love football season, mainly because of the food!

My favorite is this green knit shirt that I made. It is a stretchy knit material (that is very hard to sew with). I found a cute ruffle shirt at a consignment store a few weeks ago and it gave me an idea for this shirt. It was time consuming but well worth it. I do get a secret thrill when people ask where I got it and I say "actually, I made this" heeheehee my ego gets a huge boost.

What projects have you been working on? I hope I can get some tutorials going soon. Sorry that they are all jumbled. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

Thanks for stopping by. <3 Jenn