Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday

I really looked forward to going to work today. I know what you all are thinking... Its Monday, what are you so happy about? Well, it's my second week at work and I love it! I work with great people, have a great boss, and I love what I do. Today I got to meet the rest of the kids that I will be working with and some of their families.

The big story of today was that I found this great little consignment shop in New Castle. It's called...crap... Now i cant remember, I will get back with you on the name. Anyway, I am in need of dress clothes and dress clothes are expensive! I hate to spend a fortune when I am usually in and out of the schools playing with kids and probably getting paint on me. Well, I found 3 pairs of black pants, a red cardigan (reminds me of leann:) and a teal sweater. All of these items totaled less than 25$. Woohoo!!!! They all look very new too. They are being washed right now or I would have pictures.

After a fun day at work, I went to get my babybear and we went to the store and got to see two awesome people... Mrs. June and Kat Knox. It was great to see both of those ladies! We came home to a house smelling yummy!!! I put an Italian pork roast in the crock pot with an onion and some water...ten hours later? Fall off the bone ( if there was a bone) pork meat that melts in your mouth. Babybear even loved it! The hubs came home and ate most of the rest of it.

The little one is in bed, we are watching a show, then off to bed. Another exciting adventurous day ahead. How was your Monday? What's your favorite crock pot meal? I need ideas! :)

And just for fun...a cute little pic of my little one enthralled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My first attempt at Asian cuisine

Ive had steak in the freezer for awhile now and waiting to find a good recipe to use them. Ive been thinking teriyaki beef and broccoli but hadn't really put much effort into it. Well being the weekend, I got creative. I decided I would make it the easy way...beef, frozen broccoli, (I put asparagus in there too because I love asparagus) and Lowery's teriyaki marinade/sauce. I also added in a chicken breast to make sure there was plenty. Add some ginger, garlic, and spicy red pepper flakes and you have a meal! Oh yeah, don't forget the brown rice. Healthy, delicious and very filling! The hubs kept saying "babe, this is really good, like really good," I love his compliments!!! Dinner seemed easy right??? It was until I decided to make homemade wontons to make crab rangoon. Some flour, salt, egg, and water... That's it for wontons, but they did not turn out like the store bought ones. Not even close! The inside was yummy with crab meat, cream cheese, cheese, and green onions. The inside was really good. I bet it would be good melted on tortilla chips...mmmm yep I'm gonna have to try that. Of course I didn't take a picture of the final product, because we were hungry, but I did take some before shots.

Beef and broccoli

Beef or chicken (cut thin)
Brown rice
Garlic (freshly minced is best)
Broccoli (frozen bag)
Asparagus (cut into 3rds)
Lowery's teriyaki sauce
Ground ginger
Red pepper flakes to taste

Cut meat and marinade in a little sauce and sprinkle ginger over and set aside.
Put frozen broccoli and asparagus in skillet, garlic, and a few squirts ( I need a better word) of the teriyaki sauce. Heat until cooked and serve over brown rice. Please leave any questions that you have for me! I would love to hear feedback.
P.s. I think I will add water chestnuts and mushrooms next time.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Big adventures!

If you've read this blog you know that I make yummy food ( patting my own back :) but it doesn't always look pretty. Today was no exception...I made the little one and myself smoothies with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, peach yogurt, oj, and my latest favorite ingredient...AVOCADO!!! I'm beginning to think I have a problem. It tasted delicious, smooth and creamy, but guess what happens when you mix that many colors together in one blender???? It turns brown:( brown is not appetizing to look at. Luckily it tasted good and the little one drank hers before I finished cooking my egg. I also baked some bacon, made eggs, and homemade garlic cheddar biscuits. Well, we enjoyed our breakfast while my hubs was sleeping, he has worked a couple long days in a row and was exhausted.

Our weekend plans? Going to the park, cleaning, sewing, and house hunting! What are your plans?

Kids are so sweet!!!

So yesterday was my last day at work, and it was a tear jerker! ;( my coworkers/friends are wonderful and i will miss the daily hugs and laughter! I got to go out to lunch with my besties and I ate wayyyyyy too much! We went to peurta villarta! It's this delicious Mexican place in Muncie! They have the best chips and salsa! After that I headed to school...finished the treat bags for my kiddos and waited for their arrival. My coworkers brought cake and ice cream in my honor to celebrate my new adventures! It was so tasty! Marsh makes a very yummy cake! The kids had been making cards for me and giving me hugs throughout the afternoon... We played in the gym for activity and more than a few told me that the were going to chain me up (think Saw 4 with teenagers----SCARY%( ) They didn't chain me up bit they did Hug me a lot!

Oh my, I survived and called my mommy (bc she is awesome) and felt better about the tears and hugs that were shared. Those kids are just great, I will miss them soooo much and I am humbled to have had the opportunity to have been a part of their lives. I hope that they all see the potential in themselves that I see in them!

Mushy mushy cry cry....
On to the crafty bloggy stuff...tonight we had pigs in a blanket, crab Rangoon crescent rolls, and apples. MmmmMmmmm....little miss lyla loved the pigs in a blanket smothered in spicy mustard. I think she had half the container!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saying goodbye

Changes happen, things change, people change, and jobs change. I didn't think it would be so hard to change jobs until it happened. My coworkers gave me a "surprise" going away party today. They are so sweet! We had pizza, salad, cupcakes, and a giant cookie:) Yum yum yum!!! We laughed about funny stories that have occurred over the last few years and the ladies ( and gents) wished me luck. I can honestly say that I have had the privilege to work with the most AMAZING women (and men.) they are incredible! They help people and do great things.

I know you are all excited to find out what I made for dinner right? I have to give myself an ego boost every now and then.:) Tonight's menu includes baked chicken stuffed with jalapeños ( you know I love them!), cream cheese, and shredded cheese, homemade baked fries, steamed veggies, and wait for it...wait for it... Wait for it...:) avocado/lime/garlic/cilantro/yogurt sauce. Omg! I love this sauce, it's an addiction!!! I will put it on everything!!! Babybear enjoyed it too, she dipped everything in it. After dinner, we enjoyed strawberries and chocolate sauce. :) I really need to do some cardio in the gym just by writing this.

Here's the little one enjoying the awesome sauce! She is so funny!
And here is the recipe...

Avocado cilantro lime sauce

1 avocado
A bunch of cilantro
Half of a lime juice
2 garlic cloves minced
8 oz Fat free plain yogurt

Mix all ingredients in a blender or magic bullet and enjoy. I think this would be great with tortilla chips and also veggies.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I hope you all are having a wonderful time with your loved ones. Our valentines day....started out with a crying little one that wanted to watch a show before preschool, but because we had snowy roads, we didnt have time, then 5 hours at the front desk at work answering calls and helping people, then it got better!!!....I got to meet my hubby in the gym and we got a great workout together (he pushes me way harder than I push myself), then I played volleyball with my after school kids and home for dinner. We enjoyed thai smile ( pad key mow spicy, and soup) so delicious!!!!! I stopped by walgreens to grab some extra goodies and everyone was buying valentines gifts. Like everyone!!!

Well anyway, whats the way to a mans heart? Food of course! That's what my hubby got!
What did I get?!?!?!? A bottle of red wine and strawberries and hot fudge! Mmmmmmm.......he knows me so well!! We had a great dinner, played with the little munchkin, and cuddled on the couch together. This is the perfect Valentine!!! I hope your day was great and I hope you come back soon!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I LOVE jalapeño's !!! I really do...I could have them in every dish and love it. We eat them a lot! I make bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapeño's, put them in chicken with shredded and cream cheese, grilled cheese with jalapeño and tortilla chips, fajitas....the list goes on and on! Tonight I'm making crescent rolls with jalapeño, cream cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, and bacon. My mouth is already watering....(drool)...along with this deliciousness is chicken breast marinated in lemon juice, garlic, lemon zest, olive oil, and some pepper, baked asparagus and both topped with artichokes and capers. Mmmmm.....the kitchen smells good. A meal isn't complete without a glass of wine! This a a sweet chillable red. The crescent rolls are a before picture... I don't always make pretty things but they always taste good! :)

Breakfast at the Shue's

I love foodgawker! (The app is really good too, I recommend checking it out) I get so many ideas and then adapt them in my own way. I wanted to make something new for breakfast today so my fingers went scrolling through the pictures of foodgawker. What did I find you ask??? A yummy delicious looking breakfast pizza. Here's my version...

2 pitas
4 slices of peppered bacon (par baked)
Spinach leaves
Swiss cheese
Parmesan cheese
2 eggs

Put cheese spinach and bacon on pitas and crack an egg over the top. Be careful not to let the egg fall off the edge. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or until eggs are at preferred consistency. Serve and enjoy!!! Hubby approved!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food, food, and more food!!!

So I feel like all I do is cook, but I love COOKING!!! Weekends are spent making yummy breakfasts, snacks, and dinners. Last week for Superbowl, we had taco soup, spinach artichoke dip, hummus and crackers, veggies, and of course BEER:).
So what's been on the menu for this week....shrimp Alfredo, turkey/avocado/bacon pitas, shrimp tacos, pizza (a weekly staple made by my hubby) and chipotle chicken and yummy rice. I am hoping to add these recipes by the end of the night.
So I haven't posted the BIG NEWS of my life yet....( drumroll please).....I got a new job!!!!! Our family is super excited!!!! I will be able to help families get out of poverty and get involved in their kids education! What a great job!!! I'm so hyped to start in a week from Tuesday. It is very bittersweet though, because I have had the opportunity to work with two of my besties for the last 4 1/2 years! We bs so well together!!! I will miss you Erin and Leann but we will be planning lunch dates and weekend sleepovers!
A few of the perks to come with the new job are summers free( I hope), more money, looking at a bigger home (which mean my own craft room (screech! Excitement!!)), and we will be closer to my parents!!! Woohoo! I'm smiling from ear to ear!

Back to the food and crafting.... I haven't sewn much this, it's just been sooo busy. Sometimes I feel like its groundhogs day...Sometimes I feel like it's groundhogs day... Heehee!:) I did finish a set of coasters(pics to come.) I also gave my mom her purse that I quilted and she loved it!!! I'm hoping to do some more tomorrow while the little one naps.

I did have a craft project go wrong today. I decided to make my daughters preschool class some goodie bags for valentines day...printed cards with her favorite characters ( Mickey mouse and Olivia), added some candy, and had a genius plan to make heart crayons. Sounds great right??? Well, right IF you have a silicone heart shaped container, WRONG IF you have a rubber, yes rubber heart shaped container. Who really knows that it was different? :) Anyway, I peeled the crayons, broke them up, put them in the little hearts, and.....popped them in the microwave. Ten minutes later, the crayons were melted but so was the tray. WTF....crap! So I think they are still salvageable so I put them in the freezer. Half hour later...take them out of freezer and voila... Crayon hearts...or so I thought. I start to pop these little boogers out and the rubber is stuck and warped and impossible to get them free. After very sore thumbs and some help from my wonderful husband, we have 16 very cute heart shaped crayons to add to the goodie bags. :) I will start taking more pictures, because it was ridiculous! :)
Well that's about it for my week, it's been a roller coaster. Wish us luck finding a new house and finding a new daycare because we will be moving soon!!! :) I will keep sharing and hope you come by to read.
P.s I forgot about the yummy cinnamon rolls that babybear and I made for the hubs... They are made with heart healthy bisquick, milk, cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter...lots of butter...and more butter! Then baked and topped with powder sugar icing...yummy! They tasted like a mix between coffee cake and cinnamon rolls. DELICIOUS! And that little cutie...that's babybear! I love her so much!!!