Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family, food, and spirits

I love my in-laws! Seriously, I could not have hand picked a better family to marry in to. My husband has family all of the place, Missouri, Kansas, Alaska, and here in Indiana! Well, the Alaskan crew and some MO crew are visiting, which means lots and lots of fabulous...fun...family...time! I love family time!
My father in law just got back from a fishing trip in Alaska and brought back some fresh salmon and fresh tilapia. We had it fried, grilled, and in a dip. Yum..yum..and yum!!! Of course I forgot to take pics of the actual food but there is a glance at the bottom of what it looks like.
This night was perfect, especially after a very long day of training (and dying of boredom). I met my hubs at my in-laws and was greeted by a very red little girl. My husband dressed our daughter like a giant care bear, but She was Super cute(of course I forgot to get a pic before I put her jammies on.)

Anyway, we had a very late night, lots of laughs, and a super great time!!!

What are your favorite family get togethers? :)

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