Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby it's HOT out there...

So it's officially summer! I've had the last three weeks off! And, 5 more to go with my sweet girl! It is going by SO fast though. I love having time off with Lyla, even though it means we are totally broke. :) 
We have been doing all kinds of fun things and I love finding new ideas. It's obviously no surprise that I love Pinterest, it's sort of an addiction! (I'm sure we could all start a group.) I pinned a few things recently that I wanted to try. One of those is "snow." Snow sounded great considering we have been spending quite a few days out in the sun and heat. How do you make "snow" in the middle of summer you ask??? Two simple ingredients...
Super cheap shaving cream and cornstarch. Yep, a whopping $2.52. You may even have these two ingredients in your home which makes it even better (FREE)! 
We took a container, poured some corn starch in, (half the box at least) and squirted the shaving cream! There is no scientific measurements here, just make a mess! After you add the shaving cream...get your hands in and start mixing. It creates a moldable foam type consistency. That sounds scientific right? Anyway, It holds shape pretty well. We used some Tupperware containers to make snow castles and cupcakes🎂. Don't forget the sprinkles! 

You will make a mess! It's worth it! 

We played for a long time and then kept it in a bowl. It starts to dry out but you can just add more shaving cream to bring it back to life. Hope you have fun! 

I would love to hear what kind of projects  you've been up to? 

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