Sunday, June 2, 2013

Keeping a calendar

We are kicking off the summer by keeping busy, very busy! To keep everything organized, we decided to use our dry erase calendar (also to practice the days of the week.) Lyla knows what day (day,date, month, and year) it is EVERYDAY! It amazes me sometimes. 

We are doing summer school activities to keep her in somewhat of a routine during our busy schedule and to learn new things.  

I bought these at Easter time and they are fantastic! If you don't have them...go buy They work great and don't run out like dry erase markers. They also have a great little cloth to wipe away your mistakes or to draw a new picture. Lyla was very adamant about doing all of the numbers by herself. She is doing so great with her fine motor skills.  
We also wrote and drew pictures of all of the fun things we are doing this month like visiting a friend, going to a baseball game, and starting jazz class! This month is going to fly by but we will be making wonderful memories! 

I love this face!!! 

What are you doing to stay on schedule? 

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