Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year...New (and continued) goals...back to blogging

Happy New Year! One of my new goals for this year is to blog. I've started and stopped my blog numerous times.  I would really like to stick with it this time for a couple of reasons.  One reason is to document the wonderful happenings in my life and share them with family and friends.  Another reason is to have something that my girls can look back through (digital scrapbook) that does not include facebook and Instagram.

A new year always brings new goals and a busy few months in the gym.  I have mixed feelings on the gym thing...  I appreciate that people are being healthier but I like getting my workout on without 50,000 people in the way.  That's just a personal rant.  Anyway, new goals...  I think creating goals are important, not only at the beginning of the year but all year round.  My big goal earlier this year was to lose my baby weight.  I am happy to say that I acheived this goal, plus some.  Working out and breastfeeding are pretty big helpers!   I would like to see myself about 7 pounds lighter and a lot more toned but I am happy with what I've acheived so far.  I do have ways that I plan on making this  happen and I will be sharing recipes and my workout regime on here.

One of my other goals is to document the lives of my girls.  Day by day life goes by so quickly and then BAM (insert comic book style BAM) it's been 6 months.  I feel like L has gone from this little sweet baby into a sassy school aged diva and E is growing up so quickly and hitting new milestones each day.  I don't plan on spending hours on a computer (or phone/tablet) documenting, but I'm hoping that getting back into blogging will help me hold on to these moments for years to come and be able to share these with our family that doesn't get to see the girls as often.

I hope you come back and visit my blog for recipes, workouts,  crafts, and more...

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