Sunday, January 4, 2015

I should be skinny....but...

I should be skinny but, I really like food. I actually love food! Most all food! Especially bacon and bacon flavored food. I have a slight (or major) addiction to bacon flavored ritz crackers.  Have you had these yet? They are delicious!!! With everything! I eat them with peanut butter, cheese, yummy cucumber tomato stuff (recipe to follow). I don't have a good name for this stuff but I made it up a few years ago and it's so yummy!

Back to's the main reason that I'm not a vegetarian. Bacon and steak.  Anyway, I love to cook and experiment with food but I eat a lot along the way which is why I workout so I don't gain a million pounds.  It's a very vicious cycle!

Back to cooking...I got some great kitchen utensils for Christmas! My mom got me some herb scissors that are so fun to use!  Do you have these on your arsenal? Love them!

As I post recipes on here,  you will learn that I don't measure anything! Unless I'm baking something.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Recipe for cucumber tomato stuff:
1 cucumber
1 red onion
3-5 Roma tomatoes or pint of grape tomatoes
Feta cheese
Garlic salt to taste
Fresh garlic minced
Fresh parsley
Olive oil and vinegar (salad dressing, red wine vinegar, and Greek dressing all work well)

Chop veggies into small pieces. Stir all other ingredients in with veggies.  Pour a little dressing (a little goes a long way) and enjoy with delicious bacon flavored ritz or any other cracker.

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