Thursday, May 3, 2012

Craft ADD

My mind is constantly going, going, going! Unfortunately, it's usually going in different directions. I've always had problems focusing on one thing for a long period of time. In college my professor told me I should be tested and be put on meds, but really I had made it to college, what was that going to help? Seriously should have reconsidered that advice....!!!

:) I have made it 31 years, a few broken bones, a few stories to tell, and am so happy in my life. I have a wonderful husband (truly amazing!), a beautiful intelligent daughter, and a great job, BUT, I can't seem to clean one full room in our house at one time. I clean up stuff all the time, do dishes, pick up toys, but what the heck, I just can't seem to stick to completing a task in one sitting. I think that is why my credit sucks. :/ oh well, back to the point....

Ive been having trouble focusing on my crafting. I have so many fun things like hair accessories, keychains, crayon holders, and hand bags, but finishing more than one or a couple seems out of my realm of thought... and or attention span. Any advice in how to help my problem???? Until I can focus, I will continue to blog and craft random stuff. My next project.......bracelets for Relay for life for my mom. (sorry if I just ruined the surprise mom, I just hope I get them done.) Until then, here is a picture of a crayon holder for my daughter when we are out and about. This was inspired because I took crayons in my purse when we went out to eat a few weeks ago and forgot one. Well, a warm day+purse in car=melted crayon in my purse. Good thing I made the purse and it's washable:)

Let me know what you think...

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