Friday, May 11, 2012


I started making these cute little princess bags (inspired by a girl and a glue gun) for my daughters birthday party. I was so excited about these bags and made two last week for a birthday party. Well, I was trying to be cheap, I mean frugal, and bought the bags at the dollar tree. Bought the tulle and ribbon and started dreaming of princesses! Well my dreams were cut short when I gave myself a few blisters, messed up a bag, and then as I thought..."an iron-on would be cute" and so I put the Iron to the bag and look below to see what happens when you add heat and pressure to something that is apparently plastic or something obviously not fabric.
Well, its good I had extras. The bags turned out great and the kiddos loved them. (I found out that my little sisters cut the bottom of the bags to make princess dresses for their dolls, how cute and innovative!) I may have to make some dresses now:).
Thanks for stopping by, it's summer break now, so hopefully I will post more blogs soon!

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