Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moving adventures!

WE ARE MOVED! Woohoo! I hate moving, it's quite possibly just as bad as putting in a car seat. ( which I have to go get certified in and spend four days in Seymore Indiana) ( I may chop off a finger to get out of that one:/.) Anyway, back to the moving part, we started around 8 am yesterday morning after spending about two weeks packing. My parents picked up babybear to take back to their house to play, my brother helped move and my father-in-law(who is an expert at packing Tetris style) came to help too. We were supposed to get a 26'foot truck only to have gotten a 20' one. Holy moly that is a big difference in the wrong direction! A few hours loading everything in and we were off to the new house. My brother had to leave early for work and babybear came home. My parents took her to the flower shop and she got me flowers for my birthday (although she thinks they are hers:) She is the sweetest thing ever! We are gradually getting things put away, but it's a process. Good thing my hubs and I are a good team! (love you hunny)

So, there are three things that I learned while moving; 1. We need to dust and vacuum a lot more! (Gross!) 2. Label Everything!!!!! Like every box and what is in it. What the heck were we thinking? I went through every box just trying to find pizza cutter, only to find it this morning. 3. Don't move again for a long time! We moved less than a year ago and it sucks! We are planning on staying put for a while though.
And as an extra one... #4. Be Flexible! We had to buy a dryer converter, lots of organizing stuff and who knows what else.

If you have any organizing tricks or tips, please share them! I love new ideas! Comment below please! :)

P.s. I cant wait to start having cook-outs and having friends over (hint hint Erin and Leann.)

Pictures coming soon.....

What was that??? Tomorrow???? Yes, your right, tomorrow is my birthday!!! Woohoo! I'm officially in my 30's. (that's 31 if you didn't know.) I got a new license that is horrific and my body aches :) just kidding... Life is GOOD!!!!

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