Sunday, July 1, 2012

Productivity = happiness

So I have been feeling very unproductive this summer, sleeping in, playing ALL day, choosing whether or not to shower (I almost always do :) reading, and soaking up the suns rays. Well, we've had some gloomy days this week and I decided today to get some things marked off my list. I straightened/cleaned my crafting room, did some sewing, swept the floors, put all of lylas toys away, laundry, dishes, cooked, played guitar....wait that wasnt on the list of to-do, but little miss helpful wanted to play with it. I forgot that I dont know how to play it but did have a jam session with lyla and her barbie guitar. "I'm a barbie a barbie in's fantastic..." I have just song bombed you all, and I'm not even going to apologize:)

Back to being productive, why do I procrastinate? It's so nice to get things done, even if there are more dishes in the sink, more laundry to do, and more toys to pick up.... But for now, I'm happy that I did get productive today...even if I havent showered yet :)

Let's all hope the weather is nice for our pool, zoo, 4th of July cookout, and family visiting coming up this week. I will try to blog about it all!

Here's a preview of the dress I made for my daughter, hopefully she will want to wear it on Wednesday! I still have some altering to do:) and also a pic of us having our jam session;)

What are your secrets to staying productive?

I would love to hear any questions or comments that you may have...


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