Thursday, June 21, 2012

Care bears

Care bears, care bears, care bears!!! Our daughter loves the care bears. My parents brought my Care bear that is almost 30 years old and it has been inseparable from our three year old. She named it Teddy... And she loves watching the shows on tv. The Hub has new episodes every Saturday at 9:00 am.

So with all of the love for care bears, we decided to make care bear t shirts! I googled the different tunny symbols, found some t shirts at walgreens for $1, and started painting! I couldn't find all of the colors that i wanted but we made sunshine bear, good night bear, friendship bear, and cheer bear. I think I got carried away:) She likes to wear the bedtime bear shirt to bed. Here are the shirts. I still need to get pics of her in them, but I think they are cute and she likes wearing them and talking about the care bears.

What was your favorite care bear?

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