Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dead squirrel, cute cat, and poppers

I thought I would catch your attention with that title....but I will explain it all. Starting off with the crafty stuff... Before vacation I bought 3 cheap Cooke sheets at Walmart. I think they were $3.98 for three of them. They made the perfect trays for our 9+ hour car trip to Kansas and Missouri over Memorial weekend. On top of being the great catch all for snacks, crayons, and the Olivia car, they are also magnetic! We have these super cute magnetic dolls that you can dress in different clothes, and the cookie sheets were the perfect fit for these dolls. Well, I decided to paint a little outdoor playground for the dolls and for Olivia too:) Not my best work but I may or may not have had a couple of glasses of wine while painting:) (don't judge me, it's summer break:). I painted it with acrylic paint and learned that I will need to seal it to keep it from chipping under little piggy feet.
On to the title explanation.... We were outside playing with firework poppers, throwing them, stepping on them, and hearing them pop just means its summer! Our little one loves them, she was throwing them and jumping on them, all while my husband was trying to pop them on my feet;). While we were outside we met some neighbors who had just dumped a squirrel that had fallen into their pool and drowned. Poor squirrel... Let's have a moment of silence.………
After the excitement of squirrels and poppers we were about to head inside when a cute little kitty cat came into our yard and wanted to be pet. Well, of course we had to get him some food and water and of course a good petting. Our little one was so exited!!!! "titty tat" "titty tat" "titty tat"!!!! Well his name is of course "titty tat." he will stay outside but we will feed him, he's just too cute and Lyla loves him already!!!
There you have it, a crazy, ordinary, fun evening in the Shue household.

What's happening with your family this summer?

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