Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Letters to Lyla

I've been writing things down here and there to document things that our daughter does, but I thought I would just start blogging the little things she does. So here are just a few recent things that she will inevitably hate me for in about 11 years.
One: you started saying "shhhhh" at the funniest moments, like when daddy and I are talking at dinner and not including you. It's even funnier when you do it in the car while mommy sings.
Two: you finally started pooping on the potty everyday, too bad it also includes watching MickeyMouse clubhouse, Olivia, and care bears to finish. (like father like daughter;).
Three: you count everything, a little rainman-ish but none the less awesome; you are currently counting to twenty with little to no help from mommy and daddy.
Four: you started writing your name...semi legible!!!!
Five: You love "Teddy" which is a homemade Care Bear from when mommy was little. ( it's about 30 years old!)
Six: you love playing "earthquake" with daddy before bed every night.
Seven: you are talking up a storm
and very inquisitive to sounds, and your great at "charades" as we try to decipher your speech:)
Eight: you love mustard....
Nine: instead of saying pig ( for Olivia for instance), you snort like a pig and breath deep through your nose. So cute and it reminds me of my aunt Louise who had a pig decorated kitchen. She would have loved you!
Ten: you say "I love you too mama" when I tell you I love you. Which may or may not be 50+ times a day!
Eleven: you started pushing your stroller with your belly. ( picture below)
Twelve: you were a daredevil at the park and played on the swing with 'no hands!'
Thirteen: your fear of dogs has gotten SO much better! ( spike and lyla below)
Fourteen: you wear the stuff mommy makes you because I think you know how happy it makes me. (you are so beautiful) (see below)

More to come and to add. What are your little ones doing these days that will embarrass them later in life??? I would love to hear your comments or questions.

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