Saturday, February 18, 2012

My first attempt at Asian cuisine

Ive had steak in the freezer for awhile now and waiting to find a good recipe to use them. Ive been thinking teriyaki beef and broccoli but hadn't really put much effort into it. Well being the weekend, I got creative. I decided I would make it the easy way...beef, frozen broccoli, (I put asparagus in there too because I love asparagus) and Lowery's teriyaki marinade/sauce. I also added in a chicken breast to make sure there was plenty. Add some ginger, garlic, and spicy red pepper flakes and you have a meal! Oh yeah, don't forget the brown rice. Healthy, delicious and very filling! The hubs kept saying "babe, this is really good, like really good," I love his compliments!!! Dinner seemed easy right??? It was until I decided to make homemade wontons to make crab rangoon. Some flour, salt, egg, and water... That's it for wontons, but they did not turn out like the store bought ones. Not even close! The inside was yummy with crab meat, cream cheese, cheese, and green onions. The inside was really good. I bet it would be good melted on tortilla chips...mmmm yep I'm gonna have to try that. Of course I didn't take a picture of the final product, because we were hungry, but I did take some before shots.

Beef and broccoli

Beef or chicken (cut thin)
Brown rice
Garlic (freshly minced is best)
Broccoli (frozen bag)
Asparagus (cut into 3rds)
Lowery's teriyaki sauce
Ground ginger
Red pepper flakes to taste

Cut meat and marinade in a little sauce and sprinkle ginger over and set aside.
Put frozen broccoli and asparagus in skillet, garlic, and a few squirts ( I need a better word) of the teriyaki sauce. Heat until cooked and serve over brown rice. Please leave any questions that you have for me! I would love to hear feedback.
P.s. I think I will add water chestnuts and mushrooms next time.

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