Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday

I really looked forward to going to work today. I know what you all are thinking... Its Monday, what are you so happy about? Well, it's my second week at work and I love it! I work with great people, have a great boss, and I love what I do. Today I got to meet the rest of the kids that I will be working with and some of their families.

The big story of today was that I found this great little consignment shop in New Castle. It's called...crap... Now i cant remember, I will get back with you on the name. Anyway, I am in need of dress clothes and dress clothes are expensive! I hate to spend a fortune when I am usually in and out of the schools playing with kids and probably getting paint on me. Well, I found 3 pairs of black pants, a red cardigan (reminds me of leann:) and a teal sweater. All of these items totaled less than 25$. Woohoo!!!! They all look very new too. They are being washed right now or I would have pictures.

After a fun day at work, I went to get my babybear and we went to the store and got to see two awesome people... Mrs. June and Kat Knox. It was great to see both of those ladies! We came home to a house smelling yummy!!! I put an Italian pork roast in the crock pot with an onion and some water...ten hours later? Fall off the bone ( if there was a bone) pork meat that melts in your mouth. Babybear even loved it! The hubs came home and ate most of the rest of it.

The little one is in bed, we are watching a show, then off to bed. Another exciting adventurous day ahead. How was your Monday? What's your favorite crock pot meal? I need ideas! :)

And just for fun...a cute little pic of my little one enthralled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

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